How many of us have dreamt of finding a huge amount of cash in a bag or suitcase somewhere? With no papers or ID or anything to indicate whose money it is…no clues at all.

Please read this short N.Y. Post story and tell me if you agree with what was done when roughly $1 million in untracable bills (and with no security cam footage being taken) was found on a rural road in Virginia’s Caroline County.

The same approximate thing happened to me when I driving for Checker Cab in Boston in ’72 or thereabouts. Somewhere near Mass General a young woman who’d flagged me down climbed into the back and excitedly announced that a wallet was lying on the floor. With cash in it. It came to a little over $400 ** but with no cards, photos or identifying paper of any kind. Not a single scrap of vague information to go by. So we split it 50/50, and it was glorious because there was no basis for feeling guilty. Manna from heaven.

** In ’72 $400 was worth roughly $2,453.48 in 2020 dollars.