A solid story by New York Times reporter David Halbfinger about Emilio Estevez’s Bobby, the 43 year-old actor-director’s upcoming film about Robert Kennedy’s last active day of his Presidential campaign in 1968..a day which ended with his shooting in a kitchen passageway inside L.A.’s Ambassador Hotel. And yet Halbfinger has it wrong when he says that Estevez’s Rated X, Estevez’s film about the San Francisco porn entrepeneurs Jim and Arnie Mitchell, “fared well at the 2000 Sundance festival before being picked up by Showtime.” Obviously, if the film had “fared well” the producers would have found some kind of theatrical release deal and not just sold their film straight to Showtime. I watched Rated X at the Eccles and I could feel the vibe in the air as it played, and I think I’ll leave it at that.