“I did a show in Vegas, must have been 12, 15 years ago. And we tried to do an 11 pm show [but] people didn’t want that. So we moved the show back to 9 pm. The hotel alerted just about everybody, but some people didn’t get the email. So I’m walking through the lobby…Hard Rock, Planet Hollywood, some place like that…after the show’s over. It’s like 10:55….the show was at 9. I come across this guy with his family, and he says ‘hey, I’m here for the 11 pm show, they told me…’ And I said, ‘I know, I’m so sorry, they switched the time of the show, it’s over.’ And he says, ‘But we flew in from Idaho. To see you.’ I said, ‘I’m so sorry, what can I do?’ And he kept going on, and I finally said, ‘How much was the show?’ And I pulled out my own wallet and paid him back, $450 or whatever it was. And without missing a beat, the guy goes, ‘What about the air fare?'”

The story starts around the 9:15 mark.