This morning’s exclusive New York Post story about Christopher Abbott‘s decision to quit Lena Dunham‘s Girls doesn’t even hint why. It only says that Abbott and Dunham “began butting heads” as the third season began shooting because Abbott “didn’t like the direction things are going in.”

Anyone who watches the show can put two and two together. Abbott walked because his character, Charlie Dattolo, strikes at least some of us (i.e., myself) as a rich, stone-faced, totally-stuck-on-himself little prick who is probably hung like a cashew. He’s off and on with Allison Williams‘ character but mainly he wants to fuck her occasionally. Or so it seems to me.

All I know is that every time Abbott comes on-screen I say to myself, “Oh, Jesus, here comes that pathetic little asshole with the chilly manner and the shark eyes and the dorky beard and the rounded little girly shoulders….God, this guy is repulsive!”

Abbott knows that even the hippest people out there sometimes get the idea that a character an actor plays is actually who that actor is, and he was afraid of being typecast throughout the universe as a pissy little dickhead, and Dunham wasn’t interested in humanizing him or giving different colors as she only writes guys who are (a) nice but insincere horndogs, (b) confused and angry and arrogant after a fashion, or (c) guys who ejaculate on their girlfriend’s boobs after telling them to crawl around on all fours.

Girls is largely about girls going through all kinds of anger and confusion and frustration and relationships that are basically maddening and probably futile, and the guy characters do not come off that well — let’s face it.

If you want to see a Girls-type thing (Brooklyn, hipster poverty, da coolness) without the male-hate factor, watch Frances Ha when it comes out on May 17th.