Trailers for ’50s monster movies often used hyperbole and sensationalism, but even by these standards the trailer for The Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas, a 1957 Hammer horror film, was comically over-the-top. The narration and especially the narrator’s style of delivery are so purple it’s hard to imagine that the marketing team was attempting a sincere sell. I’ve never seen the actual film, but apparently it wasn’t that bad. Director Val Guest came from comedy, but he also directed the highly respectable The Day The Earth Caught Fire. Wiki page excerpt: “Guest felt that the Yeti should be kept largely offscreen, bar a few glimpses of hands and arms, leaving the rest to the audience’s imagination [whereas screenwriter] Nigel Kneale felt that the creatures should be shown in their entirety to get across the message of the script that the Yeti are harmless, gentle creatures.”