Just before the start of Sunday evening’s Little Miss Sunshine showing at the Wadsworth, marking the end of the L.A. Film Festival — 7.2.06, 6:40 pm.

(a) The actual Little Miss Sunshine VW van used during filming, parked in front of the Wadsworth — Sunday, 7.2.06, 6:45 pm; (b) Something between a greeting and a warning; (c) Photographers snapping arrivals prior to Sunday’s Sunshine screening — 7.2.06, 6:42 pm; (d) Islander producer-star Tom Hildreth, publicist Mickey Cottrell, director Ian McCrudden at L.A. Film festival outdoor after-party next to Wadsworth theatre — Sunday, 7.2, 10:35 pm; (f) bad photo of after-party bartenders near the end of their rope — Sunday, 7.2, 11:15 pm; Little Miss Sunshine costar Paul Dano (left), who comes from my high-school home town of Wilton, Connecticut , with his girlfriend (whose name I forgot to write down) and a close pally (ditto) who also hail from Wilton, snapped at Sunday night’s Wadsworth after-party .