During Friday’s Sicario luncheon at Craig’s: (l. to r.) dp Roger Deakins, director Denis Villeneuve, star Benicio del Toro, screenwriter Taylor Sheridan. Villeneuve’s next film to open will be the sci-fish The Story of Your Life, but his next to shoot is the Blade Runner sequel, which will probably roll in Europe, I was told.

Snapped at Universal’s holiday party at Ysabel (945 Fairfax, West Hollywood). No, I didn’t chat her up — I just knew a good photo when I saw one. Ysabel’s menu told me that a couple could easily blow through $160 or so for dinner, and well north of $200 with a few glasses of wine. Later.

Color snap of Marilyn Monroe visiting U.S. troops in Korea in ’52.

A German-born, Parisian-residing pianist performing John Lennon’s “Imagine” in the wake of Friday night’s horror.