For as long as I can remember Haiti has ruled as the #1 misery nation on earth. It is also, if you want to be cynical, the gift that keeps on giving for documentarians looking for some new tale involving agony and cruelty and God’s yawning indifference. There is only one solution for Haitians, and that is to get the fuck out of that country (through the love of baseball or anything else that works) and never return.

Each time a hopeful or encouraging action happens in Haiti, a much stronger counter-action comes along that nullifies and ushers in a renewed sense of despair.

David Darg and Bryn Mooser‘s Baseball in the Time of Cholera will have its world premiere at 6 pm this evening at the Tribeca Film Festival. Olivia Wilde is a co-executive producer. Subsequent screenings will happen Monday, 4.23 at 12 noon, on Friday, 4.27 at 9:45 pm, and on Sunday, 4.29 at 10 pm.