Jerry Lewis‘s The Errand Boy (Le Zinzin d’Hollywood) was reviewed in the “Notes on other films” section in the March 1963 issue of Cahiers du Cinema by Bertrand Tavernier: “After having proven with The Ladies Man that he as well capable as each and everyone and better than anyone at directing an authentic burlesque-surrealistic masterpiece, Jerry Lewis returns with The Errand Boy to his first love: the conversion of an absurd scenario into a succession of gags without any logical sequence, a principle which he carried out in The Bellboy.” The Cahiers critics on the conseil des dix gave The Errand Boy three stars — François Weyergans, 2 stars — Jacques Rivette and André S. Labarthe while Eric Rohmer abstained. The Errand Boy was cited as one of the 10 Best Films of the year by Tavernier.