Condolences to Sony Home Video’s Ben Feingold on the occasion of his termination as head of Sony Home Video, but I always heard he was a real mass-market, go-for-the-big-numbers guy who wasn’t into classic titles or the aesthetic particulars. You know…a kind of antithesis of a serious movie lover or a DVD special-edition connoisseur. It was Feingold who approved the issuing of that pan-and-scan DVD of Sydney Pollack ‘s Castle Keep a year or so ago, which resulted in Steven Spielberg and George Lucas complaining to Sony Pictures oncho Michael Lynton, who led to Feingold finally issuing a new version in the correct 2.35 to 1 aspect ratio. If Lucas and Spielberg hadn’t spoken up Castle Keep would almost certainly still be viewable only in pan-and-scan. I’m basically saying that as my DVD-watching interests are concerned, I’m not feeling all that melancholy about Feingold’s departure.