Reactions assembled by Deadline‘s Pete Hammond to Saturday night’s Social Network Academy screening were basically enthusiastic and respectful but — let’s face it — a bit cool at the same time. A portion of the over-55s didn’t think it was emotional or cuddly-bear enough so they’re holding out for a movie that will make them cry. Who’s surprised?

“Reaction very good,” one witness tells Hammond. “Big applause at the end and good applause when the credits were over, though I have to say that I have seen what I think are beloved reactions and this was not one of those. Those are few indeed, but I think Sony should be very happy with the turnout.”

Another reaction: “I liked it, thought it was well-written, [but] I got bored and hated everyone two thirds of the way through, even the hot chicks, so I think it won’t win Best Picture….nothing warm about it. The applause at the end was good and one-third stayed through the credits and applauded a little bit again. But nothing through the credits. But that may be the way they roll. All in all sort of like The Town reaction, but more people.”

Can anyone who’s seen The Social Network imagine anyone complaining that there’s “nothing warm about it”? That’s like someone coming out of the original King Kong and saying, “Why didn’t it have a few songs and dance numbers?” We’re talking about people with very skewed perceptions, and in some cases diminished ones.

A “dedicated” Academy member says he “just loved this movie, particularly the portrayal of Mark Zuckerberg and his lack of social skills.” He also characterizes last night’s Academy theatre as “really hopping.”