I wish I was in New York right now so I could experience Hurricane Sandy. Which won’t even arrive until Tuesday, by the way, so why is Cuomo shutting down the subways at 7 pm this evening? People always go “oh no, here it comes!” when bad weather approaches; I always go “yes…here it comes!” Howling, wind-whipped rainstorms are a thrill. They get the juices flowing. On top of which weather experts and news orgs always overhype the threat. Remember Irene?

As long as you’re dressed for Sandy and you’ve got your plywood up and your windows taped down and extra cans of soup in the cupboard, what’s the problem? People on the Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey coasts have cause for concern, of course, but any Brooklynite or Manhattanite who’s genuinely worried is a bit of a candy-ass.

“This is not being overhyped,” Accuweather’s Bernie Rayno told abcnews.com. “I would use the terms ‘devastating’ and ‘historic — a once-in-30 year storm, or even in the fact the way this storm is going to be tracking east toward the coastline in New Jersey, it could be a once-in-a-lifetime storm.”