Jamie Lee Curtis‘s praising of Taylor Swift happened some time ago, but it inspired a kneejerk response today. I tapped this out at 7:30 am this morning:

She’s not a “fantastic talent.” Swift has obviously tapped into something huge over the years, despite what any fair-minded critic would be forced to call a mediocre musical repertoire (with the exception of ‘Lover” and two or three others).

Sorry, man, but her music just doesn’t have the punchy hooks or the occasional angularity or the exciting textures and all those side doodles, mad swerves and whizzing fastballs that we expect from major performers.

But you know what? The Swifties like what she’s serving just fine. Because they are uncencumbered by taste.

Swift’s songs lack soul, depth, complexity, even occasional stabs at poetry. She’s a rural singer-songwriter at heart, one who began in he country-music field (which in itself speaks volumes), and who basically sings about ex-boyfriends.