Kidman Tribute Friendo Commentary: “Nicole specifically named and thanked each and every director she’s ever worked with, and reminded the audience of her directors who’ve passed, including Sydney Pollack and Anthony Minghella.

“Thoughts from Meryl Streep and fellow Aussie Naomi Watts were exceptionally moving. Ditto a confessional from her husband, Keith Urban.

“‘Four months into our marriage, I’m in rehab for three months,’ Urban said, addressing Kidman and their two teenage daughters, who joined her on the red carpet for the first time. ‘Nic pushed [away] every negative voice, I’m sure even some of her own, and she chose love. And here we are 18 years later.’

Cate Blanchett and Hugh Jackman tried a comedy routine via a prerecorded Zoom link with Jimmy Kimmel, but it was baffling and didn’t really come off.

“The audience seemed surprised that Mike Myers was an on-stage praiser of Nicole. His connection was never explained. But overall it was a room full of love and tributes, lapped up by a Hollywood-centric crowd seated at tables in the same theatre where the Academy Awards are presented.

“There was a Sunset Tower Hotel after-party that went on till the wee hours.

“AFI had sold tickets to Nicole’s fans from outside the business, and they filled the second-level balcony seats and got to watch the in crowd eating and drinking and toasting their Queen for the night.”