For what it’s worth I saw Woody Allen‘s Midnight in Paris again last night. (My first viewing was on 5.11 at the Cannes Film Festival.) I presumed it would play more or less the same, but to my surprise it gained. It’s a little bit cleaner and more carefully structured than I remembered. So I understand the popularity — it’s a very likable and highly satisfying film in a sort of easygoing, light-touch way.

The Westside Pavillion theatre I saw it in (#1) was completely filled. It’s weird to see movies projected at what looks to me like a 1.5 to 1 aspect ratio. Landmark definitely chops off the sides of the image; I’m just not sure to what degree.

“I don’t think it’s possible to discuss it without using the terms ‘thinking man’s fantasy film’ or ‘time-trip movie’ or ‘a down-the-rabbit-hole excursion’,” I wrote on 5.11, “so I’ll just say it’s Allen’s most charming and engaging film in this vein since The Purple Rose of Cairo…how’s that? And certainly his overall best since Match Point.”