Can anyone explain why Ed Helms starts driving his Porsche like a crazy man in this scene from Jeff, Who Lives At Home (Paramount Vantage, 3.16)? There’s one funny line — “Porches are for normal people, you’re a Sasquatch” — and then Helms says “check this out” and it’s off to Whacko City with the car slamming into a tree. Nonsensical isn’t funny. Funny is when an apparently rational person tries to make something turn out right but events overwhelm him/her.

Directed and written by Jay and Mark Duplass, Jeff, Who Lives at Home is about a 30 year-old still living in his parents’ basement (Jason Segel), and his older prick brother (Helms) whose marriage is winding down. Susan Sarandon plays the mom, and Judy Greer plays Helms’ wife.