Westwood’s famous Village and Bruin theaters are being taken over by Regency as of 4.1, and Mann, their former owner/operator/whatever, is retreating like General Lee’s army. It’s clearly the end of an era for a once-dominant Southern California exhibition chain.

Not so long ago Mann had ten screens in Westwood — the Village, Bruin, Festival, Plaza, Regent, National, and a 4-plex. First the 4-plex went (it’s a Whole Foods now), and then the Regent was taken over by Landmark, and then Mann bailed on the Plaza and National (both have since been demolished), and then the Festival, which is now sitting vacant, collecting dust.

It’s also no secret that Mann has been slowly selling its theaters or closing them and yes, even Grauman’s (i.e., Mann’s) Chinese is up for sale.