I’m posting the following Michael Moore Facebook message because of an arresting three-word question that concludes this excerpt: “Our job this morning is to call our members of Congress and US Senators — especially the Democrats — and demand that they cease all Congressional business until they appoint a special committee to investigate the “numerous” links between the Trump campaign and Russian intelligence officials. They must also call upon Attorney General Sessions to recuse himself and appoint a special prosecutor.

“The Dems must bring a halt to anything happening on the floor of the Senate or House until this is done. To carry on as if this potentially traitorous action never happened, to just go about ‘business as usual’ today, is an OBSCENITY. Hundreds of thousands of your relatives and mine died so we could have this most basic of rights: A free and fair and incorruptible election. If we are not willing to fight for THIS, then WHO ARE WE?”