Because he has an admiration for Naomi Watts, Awards Daily‘s Ryan Adams is describing Anne Fontaine‘s Two Mothers as “interesting.” Did he read the Sundance reactions? Did he read about Fontaine’s confession to an Eccles audience that she was surprised at their guffawing, that she didn’t know she’d made a kind of comedy?

Two Mothers “is a rank embarassment,” I wrote on 1.20. “It’s middle-aged female-fortified soft porn without the soft porn (which at least would have been something), and with atrocious dialogue. I think it might have worked better if it had been spoken in French (i.e., Fontaine’s native tongue), but that would be absurd for a film set in Australia. I walked out after…what, 35 or 40 minutes? Way too much smiling, good-vibing, sensitivity. I don’t want to hear another actor or actress say to their son or daughter ‘are you okay?’ ever again.