Definitely an interesting Fosse/Verdon trailer. Smokey-red lighting, sultry backstage atmosphere, a series of carefully placed static shots, fast cutting, Cabaret-like. Partly a stylistic nod to Fosse’s dance-montage sequences in All That Jazz, partly a recalling of Fosse’s Sweet Charity.

We’re talking about an eight-part limited series, debuting on FX in April. Sam Rockwell as the legendary dancer, choreographer and film director; Michelle Williams as red-haired Broadway superstar and Fosse’s longtime partner Gwen Verdon.

Please include a sequence in which Rockwell and Williams perform “Who’s Got The Pain?“, just like Fosse and Verdon did in Damn Yankees.

Based on Sam Wasson’s 2014 biography, Fosse/Verdon will chronicle the couple’s tumultuous relationship — flirtation, collaboration, love affair, marriage, infidelities, uppers, etc.

Filming began two months ago; still shooting as we speak. The apparent director of at least half of the episodes is Thomas Kail. Exec produced by Kail, Steven Levenson and Lin-Manuel Miranda.