Streeting on 11.30 from KL Studio Classics, Howard Hughes and Josef von Sternberg‘s Jet Pilot has come to Bluray, but I’m not sure anyone should care.

For one thing this Ninotchka-like adventure drama allegedly smells. You have to presume that any film that took seven and a half years between the start of principal photography and the release date has to be problematic.

Jet Pilot allegedly began filming in ’49, finished sometime in ’53 and didn’t open until 10.4.57.

Born on 5.26.07, John Wayne was 42 when shooting began, around 46 when it ended, and 50 when Hughes opened it. Costar Janet Leigh began the process at age 22, and was pushing 30 when it premiered.

HE nonetheless respects Team Kino for including two versions — the original boxy (1.37:1) and a widescreener (1.85:1). Then again why would anyone want to watch anything but the boxy?