Everyone understands that Universal has an embargo on all Unbroken reviews until 11.30 (or is it 12.1?), but I’m nonetheless surprised that last night’s premiere in Sydney, which was pretty much open to anyone willing to buy an expensive ticket, hasn’t yielded a single renegade review, a descriptive tweet or two, a comment-thread critique…nothing. Let’s presume for the sake of presuming that Unbroken will be assessed two weeks hence as good but not great, quite intense and occasionally violent, and that audiences will love it a bit more than critics, who will probably be somewhat mixed. Which will matter not as far as the Academy is concerned. The Brangelina cocktail is about as potent right now as it’s ever been, and the Academy really wants them attending the 2015 Oscar ceremony because they want that electric feeling on the carpet and in the seats, and so one way or the other, I’m guessing, it’ll be nominated for Best Picture. No win but all the flush gala trimmings leading up to a loss. That’s probably a fait accompli.