The Hollywood Reporter has excerpted a passage from Ken Auletta‘s “Hollywood Ending: Harvey Weinstein and the Culture of Silence.” Here’s an excerpt of that excerpt:

“While Miramax employees respected Harvey’s talents, few liked him. ‘I never had a single personal conversation with Harvey…I don’t think he knew if I was married or had a family,’ said a former senior executive who worked closely with him. Most found him cold and remote. He had few industry friends outside Miramax. Despite their scorching verbal battles and sometimes rivalry, Bob remained Harvey’s best friend. And to those in the office, his only friend.

“But even that friendship didn’t last, as Bob voted to terminate Harvey from the Weinstein Company in October 2017, and no longer speaks to his brother.

“Today, Harvey has been transferred from a maximum security prison outside Buffalo, New York, to await trial later this year in Los Angeles. He resides in a medical ward of the Twin Towers correctional facility (450 Bauchet Street, Los Angeles), relying on a wheelchair to move about. He is plagued by spinal stenosis, diabetes, high blood pressure, a steep cholesterol count, a weak heart fortified by a stent, and glaucoma that requires injections to stave off blindness.

“No longer does Harvey have four assistants hovering to execute his orders, or a car with four televisions to screen films as he was whisked to another meeting or premiere. In prison, his telephone calls must go through his lawyers. He has no internet access, and few visitors. Like his brother, his three adult daughters from his first marriage refuse to speak to him. His second wife, Georgina Chapman, divorced him and now dates and walks the red carpet with actor Adrien Brody.

“Harvey Weinstein is very much alone. And although he won’t accept responsibility, he can’t blame anyone but himself.”