“No matter how you cut it, Obama will almost certainly end the primaries with a pledged-delegate lead, courtesy of all those landslides in February,” writes Newsweek‘s Jonathan Alter in a piece that went up this morning.
“Hillary would then have to convince the uncommitted superdelegates to reverse the will of the people. Even coming off a big Hillary winning streak, few if any superdelegates will be inclined to do so. For politicians to upend what the voters have decided might be a tad, well, suicidal.
“For all of those who have been trashing me for saying this thing is over, please feel free to do your own math. Give Hillary 75 percent in Kentucky and Indiana. Give her a blowout in Oregon. You will still have a hard time getting her through the process with a pledged-delegate lead [for Hillary].”
So why is Hillary reportedly determined to stay in the race after tonight? She’s waiting for Something Horrible to happen to Obama. She’s waiting for a Big Stink of some kind to overtake his candidacy that will repel everyone and send them rallying to her side. And you and I know that if there’s any way the Hillary Team can help to make this happen, they will. What an admirable human being she is. What a wonderful way to play the game.