The Devil’s Double director Lee Tamahori, costar Ludivine Sagnier (who also stars in Love Crime, another LAFF attraction) during last night’s after-party at WP24.

Elevate director Anne Buford (second from right) during last night’s q & a at LA LIVE Regal. Two of the Senegalese basetball players (i.e., the focus of Buford’s doc) attended. The guy standing closest to Buford is named Byago, and the guy to his right is named Dethie. (I think.) I feel as if I got to know the basketball players pretty well through Buford’s film, and they’re all good fellows with serious innards. The film also made me want to visit Senegal someday.

Several pretty-girl twins and celebrity lookalikes were hired to attend last night’s Devi’s Double party. “Jack Nicholson” and “Bono” attended alongside “Sarah Palin.”