Last night (Friday, 2.25) Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene spoke at the third annual America First Political Action Conference in Orlando, organized by white nationalist figurehead Nick Fuentes.

“In Ohio, Senate candidate and Trump loyalist J.D. Vance said on a podcast that ‘I don’t really care what happens to Ukraine one way or another,’ and tweeted that ‘our leaders care more about Ukraine’s border than they do our own.’

“Fox’s most popular host, Tucker Carlson, pooh-poohed the idea that Putin is an enemy: ‘Why do I hate Putin so much?’ he said. ‘Has Putin ever called me a racist? Has he threatened to get me fired for disagreeing with him?'” — from Marc Fisher‘s 1.25 Washington Post story “How Republicans moved from Reagan’s ‘evil empire’ to Trump’s praise for Putin

“As everyone understands, this horrific disaster would never have happened if our Election was not Rigged and if I was the President. Very simple.” 💯💯💯