The basic gist of last night’s “To Hell With Halloween” riff by Real Time‘s Bill Maher was that Americans seriously hate p.c. fanatics. All ages, all regions, all ethnicities despise finger-wagging Twitter banshees with a passion.

Maher was drawing upon a 10.10.18 Atlantic article by Harvard University’s Yascha Mounk, called “Americans Strongly Dislike PC Culture.” The articles says the only group that’s okay with p.c. culture are well-educated lefty progressives.

Excerpt from Atlantic piece: “One obvious question is what people mean by ‘political correctness.’ In the extended interviews and focus groups, participants made clear that they were concerned about their day-to-day ability to express themselves.

More precisely “they worry that a lack of familiarity with a topic, or an unthinking word choice, could lead to serious social sanctions for them.”