An angry letter written two or three weeks ago by Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and Martin Scorcese to Sony vice-chairman Jeff Blake is apparently the main reason why a widescreen (2.35 to 1) DVD of Sydney Pollack’s Castle Keep is being issued so quickly on the heels of that condemned pan-and-scan version that came out 7.20. Apparently Blake passed along the Lucas-Spielberg-Scorsese letter (which “raised hell” about the Castle Keep DVD, according to an insider who read it) to Sony honcho Michael Lynton, who in turn conveyed his concerns about negative p.r. over this issue to CTHV chief Ben Feingold. The letter also complained about a pair of Three Stooges DVDs released last month that offered colorized versions of four Stooges shorts, along with black-and-white versions. No word on what response, if any, CTHV had on the Stooges.