Me : Got any screenings this week? Anything? I don’t have a thing. Not a damn thing.

N.Y. Journalist Friend: Silent Light tomorrow morning at Film Forum, and that’s it though I don’t think I’ll make it. There won’t be anything until next week and that’s mostly small stuff and early January movies like Unborn. Let me know if you get any pre-Sundance screenings. I’ve only gotten In the Loop from Falco.

Me: I guess I’m not in the loop on that. Why wouldn’t Falco send me an invite for this? Who’s handing the Silent Light thing?

N.Y. Journalist Friend: [Provides name and e-mail address.]

Me: Why don’t publicists take this lull opportunity to screen some Sundance films for select journos? I’d love to see Tom DeCillo‘s When You’re Strange, for instance. How does it benefit sellers to keep a good Sundance movie totally under wraps? If it’s good it’s good and the word gets around.