I don’t want to sound crude or lowball, but how can one review the just-announced films for the 2007 Sundance Film Festival and not at least remark that one of them is a feature-length documentary named Zoo, about a Seattle man who died in the summer of ’05 as a result of having anal sex with a horse? This is why the Islamic fundamentalists hate us so — because there’s no end to our interest in Godless perversity.
That aside, the Sundance team has revealed the films that will make up the Dramatic Competition, the Documentary Competition, the World Cinema Competion and the World Cinema Documentary Compeitition. Here are two stories about it — one from IndieWIRE and Variety. The at festival will run from 1.18 to 1.28, and I still haven’t locked a place down. There’s a decent-sounding place that I could rent that’ll be pretty reasonable if I can find the right person to share with. Interested parties?
I’ll get into the particular aromas down the road. Nothing looks terribly arousing, but then nothing ever does when you first read these generic announcement stories.