Here, courtesy of a grab posted this morning by New York/”Vulture”, is the official logo for Quentin Tarantino’s absurdist-mannerist-ironic hip cheeseball war dramedy, debuting in Cannes in May and opening in the U.S. on 8.21.

From my Basterds script review that ran on 7.11.08: “It is absolutely the most inauthetic, bullshit-spewing World War II movie that anyone’s ever written. And I love it, love it, love it for that. Every other line is a howl or a chortle. It almost could have been written by some 15 year-old suburban kid who used to play pretend WWII games with his friends when they were 10 or 11. Four or five times I literally laughed out loud, and that’s rare for me. And every scene is pure popcorn, pure shit-kickin’ Quentin, pure movie poontang.”

Note: Apologies for the disappearance of this and other stories earlier today.