“Any veneer of plausible deniability about the Trump family’s greed and their transactional view of the most powerful job in the world was shattered this week by a defamation lawsuit the first lady, Melania Trump, filed. Mrs. Trump is suing The Daily Mail’s website in New York State court over a story published last year that included a baseless claim that the former model once worked as an escort. Mrs. Trump is certainly entitled to challenge the accuracy of that allegation and to argue that it was defamatory, but her assessment of the damage the claim has done to her earning potential is galling, and revelatory. As a result of the report published in August, Mrs. Trump contends in the suit, her ‘brand has lost significant value, and major business opportunities that were otherwise available to her have been lost and/or substantially impacted.’ The suit offers no specific examples of lost business opportunities [but] President Trump and his family have done little to assuage concerns that they see the White House as a cash cow.” — From a N.Y. Times editorial, posted on 2.7.