Joe Baltake says he’s “weary of the ‘strong strain of misogyny’ (Kim Morgan‘s apt expression, from her Sunset Gun site) that seems to routinely follow Jennifer Aniston in film review after film review (written mostly by snarky young critics). I find Aniston to be a reliable actress, a terrific comedienne, a most companionable screen presence and, by all accounts, a very generous co-worker. It’s gotten out of hand. So, fed up, I posted something.”

I’ll tell you what’s wrong with Aniston. She specializes in making mediocre movies. She’s really not that great an actress. She doesn’t tremble with soul. And she keeps bopping around from one guy to another. Never settles down, no babies, no laying down of roots, no standing up for the dolphins (like Ben Stiller does), nothing deep or risky. She just seems to glide along and be content with being herself and being rich and having a great ass. Other than that I’m sure she “plays a helluva game of golf,” to steal a line from Paddy Chayefsky‘s The Hospital.