Another brilliant “My Life, My Card” American Express ad, this one by Wes Anderson. Clever, dryly amusing, beautifully choreographed, a cast of dozens (including Jason Schwartzman and Anderson’s producer Barry Mendel) and obviously shot in France, where Anderson has been living and working over the last several months. Obviously very Wessy in terms of style, tone, attitude…in the same way that M. Night Shyamalan‘s AmEx ad, which I mentioned on 3.7, is very much his own. Theere’s a self-mocking thing going on (in the piece, Wes pretends to be a spoiled, relentlessly-catered-to, extremely-full-of-himself director on the set of an action film) but the undercurrent, frankly, is that Wes kind of is this guy…on some level. You tell me.