Distributor Friendo: “By today’s standards, The Father, Sound of Metal and Nomadland might as well be L’Avventura or The Seventh Seal. By calling Nomadland an “audience movie,” you almost sound like Robert Koehler and some of the others in the ascetic/pleasure-denial crowd who have basically accused Nomadland of being a sell-out version of a Kelly Reichardt movie.

“Imagine people watching these movies on streaming services, where you can easily click off after five or ten minutes if you aren’t feeling it, as opposed to seeing them in a cinema, where you’re a captive for two hours. To me, Judas and the Black Messiah and The Trial of the Chicago 7 are the closest things in the bunch to ‘audience’ movies, because they at least bring certain familiar genre trappings with them (the courtroom drama in the case of Chicago 7 and the crime drama in the case of Judas), but the rest of the Best Picture contenders? Way too ‘weird’ for most of the masses, I can guarantee.”