Suspected Highland Park mass murderer “BobbyCrimo, a nutbag Trump supporter and aspiring rapper (“Awake”) who “left a long trail of tributes to mass shootings on social media platforms,” is being described as an unemployed loner who, before his arrest, lived in a basement unit.

Of course he did! And of course he was “quiet! Everything about the guy (especially his videos) screamed “ticking time-bomb dweeb living on his own secluded planet and probably up to no good.” Any bets on Crimo being an incel? And of course his family “noticed nothing amiss.” Of course!

Plus he looks like…well, not exactly “a wrong one” (a term used by “California Charlie” in Psycho) but certainly an oddball. My first association was Lon Chaney’s “Mr. Wu.” I was also reminded of Ethan Darbone’s “Lonnie” in Red Rocket. Trust me — if I had run into Crimo in a Highland Park 7/11 I would have definitely taken a step or two backwards and muttered “whoa.”