Another pellet dings the Munich hide in the form of David Halb- finger’s New York Times piece about the potential for Jewish/ Israeli blowback over concerns than Steven Spielberg’s film portrays the Palestinian plotters behind the 1972 Munich slaughter of Israeli athletes in too much of an equal light along- side those of Israeli Mossad agents who sought their deaths in retaliation. Halbfinger quotes Ehud Danoch, the Israeli consul general in Los Angeles, as complaining that Munich “[makes] it seem as if Israel’s response alone had caused an escalation in terrorism,” which Danoch feels is “pure fiction.” He argues, in Halbfinger’s words, that the film “unfairly drew a moral equivalency between the Israeli assassins and their targets — both explicitly, in dialogue in which the Israelis question their own actions and Palestinians defend theirs, and implicitly, as when the camera shifts from a television broadcast showing the names of the 11 athletes to an Israeli official showing the photographs of the 11 Palestinian targets. ‘And so it’s 11 for 11,’ Danoch points out. ‘It’s equal, it’s balanced. It’s these for those.’ But the Israeli athletes “were murdered in the most disgusting and horrible way, and [the Palestinians] were the guys who did it.'”