Hollywood Elsewhere wil definitely attend tomorrow morning’s anti-Trump protest in MacArthur Park, which will start around 10 am. True, I haven’t attended any of the nocturnal downtown protests because of screenings of award-season films. Last night I attended the AFI premiere screening of Warren Beatty‘s Rules Don’t Apply, and the previous night — Wednesday, 11.9 — I caught Robert Zemeckis‘s Allied. But whaddaya want from me? This stuff is my bread and butter.

But what’s even more important than MacArthur Park will be attending a planned anti-Trump rally in Washington D.C., on Friday. 1.20.17. This is major. Liberals can’t just sit on their couches and let the Trump administration take power and in all likelihood decimate the environment, Obamacare and God knows what else without incident.

This has to be the new Jon Stewart-Stephen Colbert humanist rally. It has to be huge. Remember that thing they organized in D.C. in October 2010? We need 100,000 people on the streets in D.C. that day. Hell, make it 200K. And I don’t mean people congregating like mellow, smiling sheep but protestors ready to shout and cause trouble and even go to jail if need be.

What’s about to happen to this country is too catastrophic to just shrug off. I’m actually considering missing the first full day of the 2017 Sundance Film Festival in order to attend this. Think of your children, think of history, think of what just happened three days ago. This is not an HBO miniseries that people are strongly complaining about on Twitter. This is real. This is Hannibal at the gates.

You know what would’ve happened if Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert had run for president and vice-president? They would have fucking won. Definitely. Because even some of Trump’s bubba supporters would’ve voted for them. So this is partly their fault. Really. It is.