The new site aimed at fighting the various racist, right-wing smears about Barack Obama went up today. It’s nicely designed and easy to read. Even the most deeply dug-in Appalachian dumb-ass can follow it. But of course, most of the rural brainiacs out there will never read it because they’re deeply invested in the foxholes they’re living in and they aren’t about to climb out of them for something as insubstantial as fact. God help these people, but they’re in those holes because they feel like home sweet home.
MSNBC’s Chris Matthews today recalled an exchange between a reporter and some overweight working-class guy from Ohio after the latter said he’s heard Obama is a Manchurian Candidate Muslim. The newsman said, “You know that’s not true, right?” and the guy replied, “It is to me.” What can you do with people like this? The only permissible thing is to say “these people have tough lives, they pay their taxes and they deserve respect.” Right.