Okay, I missed another Iraq film — director Kimberley Pierce and producer Scott Rudin‘s Stop Loss (Paramount, 3.08). About an “Iraqi war hero” (what would that be exactly?) who freaks when his enlistment is extended and he’s ordered to return to Iraq. Channing Tatum, Ryan Phillipe, Mamie Gummer, Timothy Olyphant, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jay Hernandez and Abbie Cornish costar.
So that makes ten upcoming Hollywood movies either set in or dealing in some way with Iraq and Afghanistan — five Iraqs, four Afghanistans, and a thriller set in Riyahd, Saudi Arabia film (i.e., The Kingdom). The Drudge Report is saying that Rudin is quoted in Michael Ciepley‘s 7.26 N.Y. Times story about this recently evolved genre.