I did two interviews after returning from New York around 10:30 am or so — Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky at 12:30 pm, and then Let Me In director Matt Reeves at 2:30 pm. I love both these guys and especially their films, but interviews are killers. They eat your schedule and vaccum your day up — they just take everything. And then I tried and failed to upload, convert, edit and post both video files before the 4:45 pm screening of Sarah’s Key that I’ve decided is important. Next comes a Bruce Springsteen-Ed Norton stage interview happening at the Bell Lightbox around 6 pm, and then two parties.

It hasn’t been a productive day. Not every day is. You have to take this in stride. But I need to say for the record that Second Cup’s policy of charging $6 per hour for internet access is a rip. Because it is.