A Bluray of Steven Spielberg‘s oppresively preachy and high-minded Amistad streets on May 6th. I’m not dismissing it altogether. I actually re-watched some of it about six months ago, and found some of it worthy. But the way John Williams music is turned up during Anthony Hopkins’ final summation before the Supreme Court…God! There’s a reason (and I’m trying to figure this out as we speak) why I can’t stand Spielberg’s depictions of slave suffering in this film and in fact any scene in which Djimon Honsou is front and center, and yet I was totally down with every scene and shot in Steve McQueen‘s 12 Years A Slave. DreamWorks expected to put Amistad over as a Best Picture contnender, but it didn’t happen. It was nominated for various awards but….ecch, ecch, I’m having a seizure. Seriously, it didn’t win much and nobody cared.