I couldn’t file today (Tuesday, 9.1) because we got up at 5 am and hiked all morning, and then we returned to the Jacob Lake Inn for a fast snooze which turned into a two-hour hibernation. For me, I mean. Tatiana can’t nap.

At 4pm we impulsively decided to shift gears and head for Monument Valley. We arrived around 9 pm this evening. What with errands, unpacking and general driving fatigue we crashed at 11 pm.

The San Juan Inn in Mexican Hat has turned its wifi signal off to save money. (“Covid!”). I tried to utilize my phone as a hot spot, but that barely worked as the local 3G signal hardly exists. It took three attempts to post this.

A sunset-hour horse ride will be tomorrow’s highlight. We’re meeting the guide at Forrest Gump Hill at 4:30 pm.

What did I miss?