Sorry for posting this two days late. World of Reel‘s Jordan Ruimy insists that the leading Best Picture Oscar candidates are 1917, Parasite or Once Upon A Time in America. Ruimy is declaring that The Irishman “is finished…it’s not gonna win.” This presumption, which I’ve read elsewhere, is totally freaking me out.

Ruimy’s three reasons: (a) Netflix bias, (b) Three and a half hours, attention spans have changed, etc. (c) A lot of people are calling it slow — it doesn’t play like The Wolf of Wall Street or Casino.

Plus: People are watching The Irishman in two, three, four sittings. It really kicks into gear with the “it’s summer” scene. What do you say to someone who doesn’t get what The Irishman is? This is insane. What’s gonna win then? “1917 and Parasite are #1 and #2,” Ruimy says. “And Once is in third place.”

Again, the mp3.