During last night’s televized chat with Diane Sawyer, the transgendered Bruce Jenner said (a) “I’m not gay…I am, as far as I know, heterosexual…I’ve never been with a guy” and (b) that while he’s been attracted to women all his life, that’s no longer the case — “I’m asexual,” Jenner said. So the new Bruce is embracing womanhood for inner identity reasons and not sexual ones. He’s not, in short, Lana Wachowski. The former Larry Wachowski became a woman for the same identity reasons, but also (as I understand things) to become a lesbian. I’ve known a lot of guys in my life who are very feminine and fully at peace with that, and isn’t that the main order of business? To know inner fulfillment and serenity? It’s fine with me if Jenner wants to physically transition in terms of genitalia and breasts and whatnot, but what’s the point if he’s decided to ignore sexuality? What can’t he just be womanly, nurturing and compassionate Bruce with a dick?

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