Execs at Warner Bros, egged on the Entourage word-of-mouth factor and Endeavor agent Ari Emanuel (i.e., the real-life model for Jeremy Piven‘s Entourage agent “Ari Gold”), have had “conversations about the film rights” for Aquaman, according to L.A. Times industry-beat hotshot John Horn. (The rights are owned by DC Comics, which is owned by Time Warner Inc.) ”
Horn adds that “one top filmmaker’s name also has surfaced as a potential Aquaman director — Charlie’s Angels alumnus McG.”
That’s fine (I guess) but also kinda weird. I don;t mean to sound unhip, but I’m still under the impression that McG is the industry’s leading anti-Christ figure (followed by Michael Bay, Stephen Sommers and Roger Kumble) whose work on the two Angels was a harbinger of death, polio and Down’s Syndrome in the realm of narrative cinema…rather than, you know, a “top filmmaker.” (He’s also the candy-ass who wouldn’t fly to Australia to start work on his version of a Superman movie for WB because he’s afraid of flying…thank God.) Has McG done something lately to change this rep? Help me out here.
Otherwise, there is reason to question the sanity of anyone giving serious thought to an Aquaman feature. Reason #1: an underwater superhero is mildly cool but not that sexy. There’s just something about the glub-glub slow-mo otherness of the aquatic realm that refuses to quicken the pulse. (Unless, of course, you’re talking about that mock Entourage scene when Adrien Grenier’s Aquaman dives off the Santa Monica pier in order to somehow stop a mile-high tidal wave from destroying Los Angeles). Reason #2: Shoots on and below the water’s surface are humungously expensive…financial disasters waiting to happen.