I found out today that I’m not one of Michael Mann‘s journalist sycophants who get invited to see his films before the all-media crowd. I used to be but no longer. Because since writing yesterday that no early-bird Blackhat screenings have happened so far, I found out today there has been a Blackhat screening for a small crowd of elite journos. A not-quite-final version but close enough. Thanks very much to the folks at Mann’s office as well as a Universal rep for keeping me in the dark. I’ve played the submissive journalist bitch game with Mann over the years. I’ve kept quiet over the years about all kinds of stuff, have never spoken out of turn or broken a promise or failed to show respect, and it doesn’t matter. I’m now a second-stringer at best. What the hell, just invite me to the all-media on January 6th or whenever. Blackhat opens on Friday, 1.16.