Glenn Kenny on this morning’s “Don’t Hand Me That Crap” rant: “Wells is being unfair, maybe, and also maybe comparing apples to oranges. But he’s not wrong in certain respects.

Joni Mitchell sure knows a lot of fancy chords that Swift wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole, and her lyrics have a more overtly literary edge than Swift’s. Joni made Hejira at age 33, and Taylor…made this movie.

“And Taylor will never work with the present-day equivalent of Weather Report, not least because they’re ain’t any. Which speak as much to Swift’s audience, and to the way pop music audiences have shifted, as it does to anything else. (Also to the contemporary condition of extended adolescence.)

“As popular as Mitchell was, she never achieved Swift’s pop-phenom level. There’s little real point in comparing them. But the fact that Swift was once floated to play Mitchell in a biopic (a bad idea that will not, one hopes, ever be resurrected) makes the analogies not quite irresistible but certainly understandable.”