I was hot to see Craig Gillespie‘s Million Dollar Arm at Cinecom this morning, but I was also feeling a bit anxious about the time frame. I knew I had to leave Las Vegas by 11:30 am to get back to Los Angeles by 3:30 pm to prepare for a 5:15 pm appointment on the 20th Century Fox lot. I also knew the film wouldn’t begin until at least 10 am, if not later. But I was determined to see most of it. I checked out of the spartan fleabag motel at 8:40 am and drove south down Las Vegas Blvd. and then turned left on Flamingo Road. I had done a Google search last night about Ceasar’s Palace self-parking and believed the best approach was via Frank Sinatra Drive, behind the hotel. I tried twice to find Sinatra Drive and both times was diverted elsewhere or blocked. Valet was out because I knew I’d have to leave in a hurry after the screening and that valet would slow me down by a good 15 minutes if not longer. I was reminded for the 179th time why I hate Las Vegas. I also realized and accepted that God didn’t want me to see Million Dollar Arm in Vegas and that I’d be catching it in April or early May instead. (Disney is opening it on May 16th.) So I got the hell out of Dodge. I’m writing this from a Greek diner in Baker, California. Excellent wifi!

Jon Hamm in Million Dollar Arm (Disney, 5.16).