…and weasels never ripped it.

Anonymous source who’s “close to [Armie] Hammer“, speaking to Variety‘s Elizabeth Wagmeister: “[Armie has] never eaten human flesh, he has never drank blood, he has never cut off a toe, he has never locked anybody in a cage, or whatever else is in these crazy messages.

“These messages definitely shouldn’t be taken literally — even if he did text them. Anyone can say what they want and solicit craziness on Instagram or TikTok or Clubhouse. People think that kinky sex is weird and taboo, and maybe it is to most people, but clearly there are adults who engage in it and enjoy it.”

This is what I’ve been saying all along about the cannibal thing. Hammer describing himself in a text message as a “cannibal” didn’t literally allude to the eating of flesh, for heaven’s sake, but to the idea of cunnilingus cannibalism — voraciously tongue-bathing a certain area of a woman’s anatomy with exceptional vigor.